About Me

My name is Chris Godbout and I am an assistant professor of mathematics at San Diego City College. I got my bachelor’s degree in math from Worcester Polytechnic Institute way back in 2002 and my Ph.D. in math from Lehigh University in 2010. My research was in differential geometry, but being at a community college I have shifted pretty much entirely over to teaching. Since I love teaching, this is no problem at all.

Most importantly, I am hopelessly in love with my fiancee, Gayle.

Contact Information

I can be contacted at

If you’re a student of mine, feel free to stop by my office.


I’m definitely into computers. This has actually shifted my interest in math from geometry to category theory and type theory. One of my great loves in math is also topology, so I’m very interested in homotopy type theory. I need more background before I can dig in, however.

On the computer side, I exclusively use Linux. Specifically, I use (and love) Arch. I am even currently switching away from using our PS3 as a media center / gaming console to a PC running Arch and Kodi instead. I spend a large chunk of my time on my computer in GNU Emacs. All of my blog posts are done in Emacs using Org Mode which is then piped through Hakyll. Heck, I even use Emacs for my email with mu4e.

I also enjoy programming. I have deent experience with Python (as in, I can make things happen pretty reliably). But lately I have been using and loving Haskell.

Finally, I am big supporter of social justice. That is on of the reasons I’m teaching at a community college, actually.


In line with my love of teaching, computers, and math, I have two big projects planned:

  1. Create an open-source test generator. This will have the ability to create dynamic problems (thanks to sage and LaTeX) and create both multiple choice and short-answer tests and quizzes.
  2. Create an open-source algebra textbook. There are already a couple out there, and I’m probably going to fork one of them so that I can make it fit with the curriculum here at city college.