My Workshop (is coming together)

Posted on November 2, 2015 by Chris

My project over the last couple of months has been putting together a workshop to do woodworking. It’s something I’ve enjoyed, even if I haven’t been particularly good at it. In the past I just haven’t had the space or the money to do anything. That’s different now. I have a big garage and a steady paycheck.

I already had a router and a circular saw, since those were easy to keep and could come in handy. With those, I built a workbench using plans from here. There’s great couple of videos where they explain how to make it. Mine came out super hideous, but it works! I still have to get a vise for it, but the bench itself is solid. Sure, the top rails aren’t flush, but I can probably fill that with something. Maybe. Anyway, here’s the bench.

The next thing to take care of is a table saw. There are several projects I want to do (some bookcases, cubbies for yarn, and a shelving/light unit from the Darbin Orvar channel here) that I’ll need to rip some plywood for. Fortunately, the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association has a used tool swap meet three times per year and this year’s was yesterday. I managed to snag a Bosch 4000 table with stand for only $125. It was too good a deal to pass up. It has an extension table and a the fence. It is missing the miter gauge, but I plan on making a miter sled as well as a cross-cut sled anyway.

The only issue was that the lock for the blade angle wasn’t working. Fortunately, it’s just a handle that tightens down so I solved the problem by cutting a washer in half and wedging it in there.

It cuts just fine now. The project for this weekend will probably be making the cubbies. Right now Gayle’s yarn is in tubs and it’s so difficult to find. I have an idea for a fairly simple setup, so I’ll get to work on that.